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When living in a house, knowing that you have peace of mind that your roof isn’t going to collapse is important. The choice of the material that you choose for your roof can impact how your house looks and how well it can handle environmental damages. 

Without regular maintenance, your roof may create minor leaks or holes. That’s why doing regular maintenance and inspections is crucial in ensuring the integrity of your Roof.

Roof Maintenance

Repairing roofs can be simple but also it requires knowledge in knowing how to use the tools and how to correctly repair the tiles. Regular maintenance on your roof is the best way to prevent serious damage.

Here are some roof maintenance and inspection tips that you can apply:

1.   Spring Inspections

Proper maintenance and inspections can save you money. Spring is a good time to spot roof problems early. As harsh winters can mask potential problems and increase the chance of roof damage.

If you are doing self-inspection, do not climb up the roof by yourself. You may risk damaging your roof or hurting yourself. 

When using your binoculars, look for the following signs:

1. Broken or missing shingles

2. Cracking or curling shingles

3. Algae or moss

4. Damaged flashing

For a thorough inspection, we recommend hiring the best Kendall Roofing Company to help carry out your roof inspection. They are more likely to find trouble spots that you may have missed.

1. Trim any trees

Trees contribute to roof damage as the fallen leaves, drone pine needles and branches traps moisture resulting in mold. This will weaken your shingles through erosion. Fallen branches can also scrape and damage your roof protection.

2. Clear your roof regularly

Over time, the build-up of debris from fallen leaves and branches clog your gutters, preventing rainwater from flowing. This leads to an overflow promoting moss and algae growth that creates roof leaks.

You can remedy this problem by using a leaf blower or hose to clean your gutter.

Why Choose Kendall Roof Repairs for all your Roof Issues

The roof of your home is what protects you and your loved one from the environment outside. You risk the health and safety of your family if your roof isn’t kept in good condition.
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